Tuesday, November 11, 2008

chili recipe

for those of you that asked for the yummy chili recipe i talked about a few weeks ago, here it is. :)
hope you enjoy it. remember - it makes a TON so share it with MANY.

1  14.5 oz. can Hunts Choice Cut Diced Tomatoes w/Italian herbs
1  14.5 oz. can Del Monte Fresh cut peeled diced tomatoes seasoned w/basil, garlic, & oregano
1  14.5 oz. can Del Monte stewed mexican tomatoes w/garlic, cumin, & jalepeno
2  15 oz. cans Hunts seasoned diced tomato sauce for chili

1   26 oz. can Ranch style beans w/chopped sweet onions
2   15.5 oz. cans Bush's chili magic chili starter - Texas style medium
3   15 oz. cans Ranch styler black beans (drain but do not rinse)

Seasoning Packets
2  1.25 oz. envelopes McCormick's Original Chili Seasoning
3   Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix envelopes - original

10-12 oz. fo Foster's Beer or Red Dog
3 pounds of ground beef

Brown meat and drain. Process all tomatoes & seasonings together (in a food processor until pureed).  Put tomato mixture in a pot over medium-low heat, add in 1/2 can of beer, stir oftern so bottom doesn't burn.  After well heated, add beans & meat - stir often. Add more beer & salt to taste. Enjoy!



Becky said...

Gracias for the Recipe Lovin'

Can't wait for it to STAY COLD so it feels like chili weather again!!

Hopefully we won't have to wait till JANUARY to give it a whirl ;)


Heather said...

YUMMY... thank you SO much for sharing. I know what we'll be having this weekend when the weather is supposed to hit near freezing one night.