Tuesday, November 30, 2010


sunday we got all the christmas decorations out and also headed out to see ICE at the gaylord. none of us had ever been and court absolutely LOVED it - especially since it was charlie brown! :)
court is just the right age to be interested in EVERYTHING and he gets SO excited!! :) he just makes us smile and giggle at everything he says!! :)

 court LOVED sliding down the ice. he did it over, and over, and over!!

 this is the only decent pic of mimi and pops with the boys. i think beckham was about to clobber court! :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


we had the BEST time in groom last week for thanksgiving. i'm so thankful that rhett was able to have the WHOLE week off. it's SO nice having an extra pair of hands. as soon as we got to groom, i got my camera out to take pics and it said - charge battery (and i didn't take the charger). AGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! we took SOOO many pictures at beckham's party, that it wore the camera out! so, unfortunately, i don't have any pictures of ALL the fun we had playing outside, feeding the fish in the pond, digging for worms, sliding down the slide, going on wagon rides, raking leaves, sliding into leaves, learning how to walk, eating chocolate chip cookies, eating LOTS of yummy food and dessert, seeing lots of family, watching fun movies, taking naps, helping daddy with the turkey he got, helping grandad drive the big red truck, and getting spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!!! we always have such a great time up there!! :) court did NOT want to leave!
we got home sat. 
before we headed to groom, we all went to mimi & pops to play and eat and hang out. i did manage to get a couple of pics of these wild and crazy boys and the sweet little princess.
rhett and i have SO much to be thankful for. we have great families, wonderful friends, great neighbors, two amazing little boys that keep us young, and a GRACIOUS and LOVING GOD! we could not ask for more!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

my 1 year old

oh how time FLIES when you're having fun! i feel like this last year has been one CRAZY, busy, FUN, exhausting, BLESSING! everyone told me that having 2 so close together would be hard the first year (and i have to say i had some hard days & many fun great days as well).... so i'm now looking forward to it getting easier. now that beckham is walking, i think it will be a little easier since i won't have to carry him everywhere. :)
my 1 year old is SUCH A BLESSING. God knew what he was doing when he gave me beckham - he is a great napper and sleeper (except this week when he decided to practice walking in his crib at 1 AM!!). he is a SWEET boy that is for sure. he loves his mama and his daddy..... in fact, he's starting to turn into a daddy's boy. :) he is very easy going and will just watch everyone and everything around him - that is until you take something dangerous away from him. then, his other personality emerges and it is an all out fit! :) he is not afraid of anything - he crawls up and over everything. he can make it up the stairs all by himself and wants to go down on his tummy which we don't let him do! he wants to do everything his big brother court does and doesn't understand why he can't ( i have a feeling this is going to happen for the next 20 years!). he is our precious gift from GOD and we are so thankful for him.
here are some pics from his first year and some of my favorite things!

1) he says "dada, momma, mameeeeeeeee"

2) he can sign "all done" - that's really the only one i've worked on with him (i've got to get better at that!)

3) he can tell you how old he is - if you ask him, he'll hold up one finger

4) he loves to blow kisses
5) he loves to wave hi and goodbye

6) he loves to snuggle before and after sleeping while sucking on his 2 favorite fingers

7) he crawls REALLY FAST - especially if he hears the bathroom door open or the refrigerator door open

8) he loves to dance, shake his booty (which he'll do on command), do the twist, and clap!

9) he loves to laugh at his big brother - court is really good at making him giggle

10) he loves when court gives him "raspberries"

11) he loves when daddy comes home from work - he crawls really fast all the way to him and then i can't take him from his daddy the rest of the night - he turns straight into a daddy's boy!

12) he LOVES to play outside: in the sand, on the riding toys, in the swing.... anything and everything.... he is ALL BOY!!!

and  here are some other pics from his birthday!
 this boy loves his cake!

 court did such a great job helping beckham open his presents
very interested in all the new toys
.....AND..... we're done..... nap time anyone?!?!?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

back soon!

i will be posting about my 1 YEAR OLD as soon as we get back from thanksgiving in groom - i promise. it has been a BUSY week. haven't even had time to do our "birthday" songs for all the birthday boys..
i will leave you with this pic of my 1 YEAR OLD! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

5 Little Pumpkins

don't forget to pause the music on my blog. this is court's rendition of 5 Little Pumpkins :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my firemen

fireman daddy and fire chief court
putting out the fires.... :)
man - i LOVE these boys!

Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween 2010

finding nemo
 it's a little hard to crawl with all this cushion!

along for the ride
court is so excited to trick or treat
these high school girls thought the boys were SO CUTE!
court had to load up the car after each house

my cute little woody