Monday, December 29, 2008

9 is FINE

this is a picture of court when he was 9 days old! so tiny! :) my how he has changed!

did i forget to mention that we had twins 9 months ago?!?!? hehehehe...... just kidding. :) court was playing in mimi & pop's bathroom and when i took this picture, and it shocked me how it looked like there were 2 of him.  i would just LOVE to have 2 of court. then, there would always be one to snuggle with. 
court is now 9 months old! i just can't believe it. he is growing SO fast! we went to the doc today for his 9 month checkup and he is RIGHT on target! he weighs 18 1/2 pounds & is 28 3/4 in. long. he has tripled his birth weight! that just astonishes me. i saw on the news yesterday that a woman gave birth to a 14 pound baby!!!! what the heck! :)
anyways.... back to court...... he is the proud owner of 2 new top teeth and is working on the 2 "eye-teeth" as we speak. yes - this boy is getting 4 teeth at the same time. it definitely has it's good points & bad points. poor baby can hardly go an hour without those gums hurting. but, it should be over soon i hope!! :) we started brushing his pearly whites today.... well, i put the toothbrush in his mouth and he chewed on it, but we'll call it brushing for now. 
he continues to light up our lives. he is just the happiest baby (when the teeth aren't giving him fits). he loves to laugh, clap, hum, sing, blow raspberries, play peek-a-boo, play with balls, study faces and toys, and snuggle when he's tired. 
what a wonderful christmas we had celebrating the birth of our Lord and the birth of our son!! we can't wait to celebrate a lifetime of christmases with court and the rest of our family!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

court's first christmas

we celebrated court's first christmas with my side of the family this year. every year we "trade" holidays so we can spend good quality time with each side of the family on these special days. this year we spent thanksgiving with rhett's fam, and christmas with mine. we had a fun 2 days staying at mimi & pop's in colleyville. we played with the babies on christmas eve, spent the night, and woke up to open presents and celebrate Jesus' birth. we had every intention of going to church on christmas eve, but with 2 babies, you can never have set plans. :) rhett, court, and i got to spend christmas day with mimi & pops. it was such a fun day watching court play with all of his new things. he took great naps (probably from being worn out) and rhett and i got to go see a movie that night while mimi & pops babysat. rhett was off most of the week which was HEAVEN for me. i'm sad to see him go back to work tomorrow. but at least he gets a day and a half off this week too! here are some pics of our christmas. :)

precious santa baby cade and his daddy

our little santa baby

grimes family taking a much needed nap

what in the world!?!?! court's christmas present from uncle jon and aunt missy: it sings, it blows air, and shoots balls everywhere! i feel a payback present coming on in about 1 year. 

precious baby boys sittin' under the christmas tree

1st patterson family christmas

grimes clan with the grandbabies

Thursday, December 18, 2008

christmas pics part 2

for some reason, it wouldn't let me download all of the christmas pics on one post. so, here are the rest of the pics. court LOVED getting his pictures taken this time. he was all smiles.....that is until santa showed up! :)

ya'll are cracking me up!

santa is actually pretty good at pulling my wagon!

i'm really not too sure about this mom!

yep! i officially don't like santa!

christmas pics 2008

i really don't think i like santa!
yep - i know i don't like santa!
hmmmm..... he might be growing on me!

ahhhh! back with mom & dad!

Friday, December 12, 2008

addicted to the paci?!?!?

can you become addicted to the paci at 8 1/2 months?? i really thought we were getting off scott-free in the paci department because court has never really liked them. he would suck on them occasionally from birth, but was never really a fan. that was fine with me. i was glad that we never had to go thru the weaning process at night. but now, he seems to have found a paci that my cousin lindsey gave him and LOVES it. i mean, that boy can suck on that thing for an hour at a time. if it falls out, he just plops it right back in. he's also started sucking his thumb alot lately. i don't know if it's because he's getting his top teeth or what. so far, he hasn't needed the paci to go to sleep and i'm going to "try" to keep it that way. here is a little video of him this morning enjoying his paci. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

8 is REALLY great

can you tell court is "thinking" about how to get to the remote control on the floor?

court turned the big "8 months" on nov. 28th, so i am a little late with this post. just had a few other things going on... like a new nephew being born, thanksgiving, traveling....etc. 
court continues to be the light of our lives. he learns something new every single day and i can't imagine life without him. he got round 2 of his flu shot yesterday and weighs in at 18 pounds! i feel every single one of those pounds each time i pick him up. i have a feeling he's not going to let me pick him up much longer, because he is READY to crawl!!!
some of my favorite things about 8 months:
  • "MA!!!!" is his new favorite word. at least i think it's his favorite, because he says it all the time.... especially when he's MAD!! or when he doesn't want me to leave the room. i keep repeating "mama" to him, but so far, he just likes "MA"!
  • he has mastered crawling backwards, so if we can get the forward thing down, he'll be good to go. he likes to push up on his hands and crawl backwards until he's sitting. crazy boy! but hey, it works!
  • he's figured out how to get under the coffee table. now, we just got to work on getting out by himself.
  • he LOVES the christmas tree. if he is not in the same room as the tree, he will bend over, and look all around until he can see it
  • he has started playing possum. sometimes, when he's laying on your shoulder you'll think he's asleep, and then he starts humming or making the slightest sound to let ya know that he is AWAKE!
  • he LOVES his Yobaby yogurt. thanks to becky for introducing me to that thru her blog a while ago. court kicks his feet and says"mmmmmmmm" the whole time i'm feeding him. i think his mouth stays open 90% of the time because he just wants more, more, more!
i love this precious baby more and more each day. he brightens my day even when i am dog-tired. he is such a joy to have around and God's greatest blessing to us. we love you court!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

thanksgiving in groom

we had such a fun thanksgiving in groom this year. as always, we ate lots of yummy food and had a wonderful time with nanny, grandad, grandma, papa, aunt dyana, uncle barry, great great uncle floyd, and great uncle jack. it was court's very first thanksgiving and we spent alot of time talking about how "thankful" we are for him and all the other blessings in our lives. before we headed out to groom, we stopped by the hospital to introduce court to his new cousin, cade. 

court got ahold of the cigar jon gave to rhett. luckily, it was securely wrapped and he didn't inhale!

court cannot figure out who "momma" is holding.

every year, rhett and his dad take their annual hunting picture in full camo and all. this year, court got in on the fun. can you see him??? :)

the annual pic includes their coffee mugs, so court added the ole sippy cup to complete the picture. 

court's first set of wheels at nanny & grandad's.

just like one of the guys. court already loves the remote control. grandad had 3 so he was very entertained!

Monday, December 1, 2008

christmas thru court's eyes

we took court to get his first christmas tree on sunday. we love the fact that we can drive for 30 minutes and go to a real christmas tree farm to get a real live tree. we also had court's christmas pictures taken with santa by B4 Photography.

there are a bunch of pics in this post. we had so much fun at the farm. the christmas pics should be back in a week or so. they are SO stinkin' cute! i can't wait to post them!

it was SO cold and windy sunday, so we bundled court up in his hat and mittens!
testing out mimi & pop's red wagon

touching his 1st christmas tree

touching his first horse

wow! look at those lights!

hmmmmmm.... i wonder what these taste like!?!?

yep - in the mouth and then right out!

and then of course the most precious baby... our new nephew cade michael grimes. court and i got to spend the afternoon with him.... kinda makes ya want to have a baby, doesn't it?!?!! :)