Thursday, December 4, 2008

8 is REALLY great

can you tell court is "thinking" about how to get to the remote control on the floor?

court turned the big "8 months" on nov. 28th, so i am a little late with this post. just had a few other things going on... like a new nephew being born, thanksgiving, traveling....etc. 
court continues to be the light of our lives. he learns something new every single day and i can't imagine life without him. he got round 2 of his flu shot yesterday and weighs in at 18 pounds! i feel every single one of those pounds each time i pick him up. i have a feeling he's not going to let me pick him up much longer, because he is READY to crawl!!!
some of my favorite things about 8 months:
  • "MA!!!!" is his new favorite word. at least i think it's his favorite, because he says it all the time.... especially when he's MAD!! or when he doesn't want me to leave the room. i keep repeating "mama" to him, but so far, he just likes "MA"!
  • he has mastered crawling backwards, so if we can get the forward thing down, he'll be good to go. he likes to push up on his hands and crawl backwards until he's sitting. crazy boy! but hey, it works!
  • he's figured out how to get under the coffee table. now, we just got to work on getting out by himself.
  • he LOVES the christmas tree. if he is not in the same room as the tree, he will bend over, and look all around until he can see it
  • he has started playing possum. sometimes, when he's laying on your shoulder you'll think he's asleep, and then he starts humming or making the slightest sound to let ya know that he is AWAKE!
  • he LOVES his Yobaby yogurt. thanks to becky for introducing me to that thru her blog a while ago. court kicks his feet and says"mmmmmmmm" the whole time i'm feeding him. i think his mouth stays open 90% of the time because he just wants more, more, more!
i love this precious baby more and more each day. he brightens my day even when i am dog-tired. he is such a joy to have around and God's greatest blessing to us. we love you court!


Anonymous said...

Sounds just like Sydney! We just can't go forward, and she only says "Mama" when she's mad. When she's happy, "Da Da" is the word of choice!

Justin and Rachel Smith said...

Hey Ashley,
Thanks so much for your response to the diaper poll! I needed your opinion!


Mimi said...

What a fun time...he is so busy...and so adorable! My greatest sunshine!

Mike and Kim said...

Ah,sweet Ashley, what a great post. Thanks for letting us in to see your heart. Just wait until he turns 19, comes home from college and holds you!! Nothing like it...I'm so excited for you, Rhett, and have been so blessed and have so much to look forward to...many many firsts yet to come. Cherish, photograph, and continue to write about all of them. Court is one very lucky little man...God gave him amazing parents!

We love you three!

Grimes Life said...

I can't believe little Court is already 8 months old! He is so precious and just gets to be more and more fun every time we are around him! Love him!!

ginny said...

Those boys! Court and Levi both already go for the remote :)