Sunday, December 28, 2008

court's first christmas

we celebrated court's first christmas with my side of the family this year. every year we "trade" holidays so we can spend good quality time with each side of the family on these special days. this year we spent thanksgiving with rhett's fam, and christmas with mine. we had a fun 2 days staying at mimi & pop's in colleyville. we played with the babies on christmas eve, spent the night, and woke up to open presents and celebrate Jesus' birth. we had every intention of going to church on christmas eve, but with 2 babies, you can never have set plans. :) rhett, court, and i got to spend christmas day with mimi & pops. it was such a fun day watching court play with all of his new things. he took great naps (probably from being worn out) and rhett and i got to go see a movie that night while mimi & pops babysat. rhett was off most of the week which was HEAVEN for me. i'm sad to see him go back to work tomorrow. but at least he gets a day and a half off this week too! here are some pics of our christmas. :)

precious santa baby cade and his daddy

our little santa baby

grimes family taking a much needed nap

what in the world!?!?! court's christmas present from uncle jon and aunt missy: it sings, it blows air, and shoots balls everywhere! i feel a payback present coming on in about 1 year. 

precious baby boys sittin' under the christmas tree

1st patterson family christmas

grimes clan with the grandbabies

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Mimi and Pops said...

It was our greatest JOY having you all share Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us! LOVED every minute! Thank you for spending the day with us...made our Christmas complete! How great is our GOD to have blessed us so much!