Monday, December 29, 2008

9 is FINE

this is a picture of court when he was 9 days old! so tiny! :) my how he has changed!

did i forget to mention that we had twins 9 months ago?!?!? hehehehe...... just kidding. :) court was playing in mimi & pop's bathroom and when i took this picture, and it shocked me how it looked like there were 2 of him.  i would just LOVE to have 2 of court. then, there would always be one to snuggle with. 
court is now 9 months old! i just can't believe it. he is growing SO fast! we went to the doc today for his 9 month checkup and he is RIGHT on target! he weighs 18 1/2 pounds & is 28 3/4 in. long. he has tripled his birth weight! that just astonishes me. i saw on the news yesterday that a woman gave birth to a 14 pound baby!!!! what the heck! :)
anyways.... back to court...... he is the proud owner of 2 new top teeth and is working on the 2 "eye-teeth" as we speak. yes - this boy is getting 4 teeth at the same time. it definitely has it's good points & bad points. poor baby can hardly go an hour without those gums hurting. but, it should be over soon i hope!! :) we started brushing his pearly whites today.... well, i put the toothbrush in his mouth and he chewed on it, but we'll call it brushing for now. 
he continues to light up our lives. he is just the happiest baby (when the teeth aren't giving him fits). he loves to laugh, clap, hum, sing, blow raspberries, play peek-a-boo, play with balls, study faces and toys, and snuggle when he's tired. 
what a wonderful christmas we had celebrating the birth of our Lord and the birth of our son!! we can't wait to celebrate a lifetime of christmases with court and the rest of our family!

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Mimi said...

He is just more and more fun everyday!!! This precious little boy has brought so much JOY to us these past 9 months! Love him, love him!