Sunday, May 29, 2011

busy week!

we've had a fun week! this was court's first week of summer - no more mother's day out. but, what a blessing that i get to spend EVERY day with these 2 precious gifts from GOD! :) love love love being a stay at home mommy! :)

having fun at story time at our favorite toy store! :) court and beckham listened to a great story and then did a craft! and then of course they love to play with everything in the store! :)
shopping and cooking for mommy! i could get used to this!

wednesday we spent 2 1/2 hours at this great park by mimi & pop's house. cade, tatum, & aunt missy met us there and we had a picnic and played, played, played!

i looked over and court had made it to the top of this spider web climbing thing all by himself! and of course, "you know who" had to do the exact same thing as big brother!! :)

thursday we went to see cade's play at his school but the pics on my phone did not turn out. we loved seeing his cute performance and eating lunch with tay and mimi! 

more play time at our park - these boys LOVE to be outside!!

friday we met ginny and levi at paradise pond in grapevine. it was beckham's first time to go and he LOVED it!!

friday night we ate at mooyah burgers and then got some rita's frozen treats! and of course had to play in the fountains!! :)

sweet sweet boy who ate all of daddy's ice cream! :)
great start to summer already! 

Friday, May 20, 2011

it's been a long time...

... since i've posted on the blog. don't really know why - just busy with life i guess. we have had a great month! mother's day was OH SO SPECIAL this year with my 3 FAVORITE boys! they spoiled me rotten! rhett was out of town the week before mother's day and one of my surprises was a cleaning fairy that will come to our house every other week. oh, so nice! i also got pampered with some new comfy house shoes, and a lovely afternoon pedicure. court and beckham made me lots of homemade cards, pictures, and i got a special mommy sticker that i got to wear. court was so proud. love my sweet, sweet boys. how blessed i am to be their mommy.

and the reason i don't have pics of the last 2 weeks.......
rhett bought an i touch while he was on a business trip because verizon wouldn't let us upgrade to an i phone yet without paying basically a year's tuition of school for court (crazy!). so, we got an i touch and used it for skyping with rhett while he traveled. i used it to take all these great pics the last 2 weeks, and then verizon sent me a text saying i could upgrade to an iphone. they sent it the exact same day our receipt for returning the i touch expired. so - ya better believe it - i went straight to the apple store to return the i touch - so i could get my hands on the i phone. but, i somehow lost ALL my pics.... mother's day with our whole family, the boys playing, first time fishing, etc. don't know how that happened since i did sync them to our computer - but, nope, can't find them at all! so, just picture all 10 of us on my side of the family enjoying a great lunch on mother's day - the kids did great at the restaurant! i was so impressed! also, picture rhett and the boys fishing for the first time and lots of play time pics. i will leave you with one pic of court and his best buddy from school (the last pic i took on my actual camera). 

i have a feeling court and grant are going to be life-long friends..... and probably get into some trouble together. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011