Thursday, September 23, 2010

our 2 favorite birthday boys

don't forget to pause the music on the blog. this is unedited - thought you should see our "true colors"..... 10 month old that wants everything big brother has........ :)
happy birthday uncle jon - big 3-0
happy birthday reese - 1 year old!
we love you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 months is oh so fun!

beckham pierce is now 10 months old. he turned 10 months old while we were in groom visiting rhett's parents. rhett and his dad were still in colorado elk hunting so we flew to amarillo to stay 1/2 the week with nanny and drive back with daddy. court and beckham (and mommy) were SO glad to see rhett! court could NOT stop talking and he did not fall asleep that night til almost 10 pm!
i took VERY few pics on our trip - only because it was the last thing i thought of. being a single mom sure is hard! i'm so glad i had ALL the grandparents available to help out! mimi & pops sure helped us the 1st half of the week and nanny took over once we got to groom. 
here is our big "little bitty". he learned to crawl and stand up in the same day when he turned 9 months old and he hasn't stopped since! he is letting go ALL the time so i know he will walk early! :) he is "talking" alot too! he can say: dada, mama, and grunts when mickey mouse comes on the t.v. court has taught him well! he takes two great naps during the day and sleeps 11 hours at night. when it's bedtime, he will LEAN towards the bed - does NOT want to be held or rocked - just put him down! he is such an easy baby! he is eating all sorts of table food. wants anything and everything we have. he is doing really good with a sippy cup too. 
 he just loves his big brother court and lights up every time he sees him. court is SUCH a good big brother. while rhett was hunting, we were driving the accord and court could touch beckham. he would reach over and hold his hand and it was just the cutest thing ever!! until beckham started squeezing too hard and then that was enough of that!
i guess i better get started planning his 1st birthday coming up! i'm secretly wishing we could just pretend it's not almost here. i don't want my baby to "not be a baby" anymore!!! :(

playing outside at nanny and grandad's house

we went to a butterfly exhibit with mimi/pops while daddy was gone. it was really hot inside, but beckham was fascinated with the butterflies (who love watermelon by the way - and so does beckham!)
"hello mr. butterfly! i really want to eat that watermelon you have!"

yum, yum! (he's not really touching the butterfly, don't worry!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

rainy days

pillow surfing off of the couch...
yep - that's what we do around here when there is a MONSOON outside and we 
a) can't go play outside
b) can't go anywhere because of all the flooding
and c) because we are bored with the THOUSANDS of toys already in the house (hmmmm..... that must mean i can get rid of at least 1/2!)
boys just have SOOOO much energy that has to be burned ALL DAY LONG! :) love it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


anyone want to tell this hunter that he doesn't get to go hunting with DADDY when he goes ELK hunting for 9 DAYS?!?!?!?!?