Thursday, September 23, 2010

our 2 favorite birthday boys

don't forget to pause the music on the blog. this is unedited - thought you should see our "true colors"..... 10 month old that wants everything big brother has........ :)
happy birthday uncle jon - big 3-0
happy birthday reese - 1 year old!
we love you!


Mimi said...

What a precious birthday gift for Uncle Jon and Reese! Birthday wishes straight from the mouths of two precious little boys... one who doesn't get to join in on the singing because he's so busy trying to sneak a sip from big brothers Elmo cup, then to make matters worse,he doesn't even get to hold one of the signs! They are sooo them both so much!

Maegan said...

Holden would have rolled Hattie off the couch before you even got to singing the birthday song! I can't believe how big Beckham is. They are so cute!