Wednesday, September 11, 2013

brooks pendleton patterson

he's finally here!! brooks made his entrance into the world on friday, may 31, 2013 at 6:56 pm. the boy was 4 days late and i had to be induced (water broken). my other 2 were a week early, so being "late" just threw me for a loop. i "love" my ob/gyn's comment when i asked what is up with this lateness - "oh don't worry, you won't be pregnant forever". spoken like a true man! so, after breaking my water early in the morning, finally getting pitocin at 3 (no progress), i got to a 10 and pushed for about 15 minutes and our 3rd precious blessing arrived. rhett and i couldn't contain ourselves we were so excited! we checked him out from head to toe and got alot of loving in before the family came to meet him. rhett went to get the 2 best big brothers in the world to meet him and it was one of the most priceless moments of our lives. these 2 big brothers were SO excited to meet brooks - they talked so quietly to him and had grins from ear to ear. then, they saw the presents that brooks gave them, and that was it - brooks was old news and the presents got all the attention. the big boys went home with nanny & grandad while we were in the hospital for 2 days. they came and visited and then had a huge sign waiting for brooks when we got home. our good friends tim & kara came to meet brooks his first day home as well. the boys just LOVE their new baby brother: love holding him, singing to him, helping mommy bathe him - just everything. love having one more boy in our house! 

end of the school year

can't believe it is already the end of the school year - this year has flown by - except for those long, sleepless nights 9 months pregnant. at the end of the year, the boys had fun activities at school - and the ONLY pic i got was this:

brooks is supposed to be here on may 27th: the last week of school, last week of soccer, soccer awards - just about everything happens this week. but, he decides he is just right where he is - not coming out anytime soon. 

Maternity/Family Pics

We wanted to get some family pics before our 3rd little man arrived - and boy did we have fun in the bluebonnets! The boys did great and the pics came out fab!! They even look like they love each other - they really do, but sometimes I question it with all the arguing. Brotherly love, I guess! Can't wait to meet our new little man, Brooks at the end of the month!