Friday, August 24, 2012

summer is over!

i have been terrible at updating our blog! life is just busy - and full of fun! we've had a great summer. the boys both took swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer. let's just say the 1st week with beckham was not so much fun - but by the second week he loved it!! we just needed a few milkshakes to help get us motivated!! we also enjoyed 4 days at the beach with the lockett family! what a fun time we had! the kiddos got along great and loved building sand castles, flying kites,  and jumping over the waves (i think that was court's favorite part). we sure had fun spending time with this sweet family. on the way home from the beach, we spent a day at the NASA space museum and the boys loved it!
the boys also both took a class at winkids gym this summer. court took a sportsters class where he got to play soccer, football, and baseball - it was right up his alley! beckham took a gymnastics class where he got to jump, roll, run, swing, and just have fun! the boys were both sad this week when their summer class ended! we also enjoyed many pool days, movies, swimming at the CAC, playing with friends, swimming @ mimi & pops, and hitting up birthday parties! whew - summer went by fast! we are looking forward to starting school (2 days a week) after a trip to see nanny and grandad next week.