Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

8 is SO GREAT!

beckham is already 8 MONTHS old! can  you believe it? i sure can't. these little "milestone" birthday months keep sneaking up on me and i just don't like how fast his 1st year is going! this little ball of energy is just the best baby. he is a great sleeper - sleeps 11 hours at night and still takes 3 naps a day. we'll probably start trying to stop one of those pretty soon. :) he LOVES to eat, and i mean LOVES! i think he would eat all of our food over this baby food stuff any day! he puts anything and everything in his mouth. still has 4 teeth and drools NONSTOP. 
beckham weighs 19.3 lbs and yes - court weighs in at 26, so any day now........
he is moving all over the place. his feet and hands go non-stop, but he just doesn't seem all that interested to get in the crawling position. although, i will say that yesterday i saw him getting in the crawling position in his crib, so i know he can do it. i think when he is awake, he has trained his brother (and us) to come get him or bring him a toy so he doesn't have to do the work. so smart already! :) which now that i think about it, i really want him to stay a "baby" longer, so i am all for him not crawling yet - cuz then it's really over! 

he can empty a basket of toys in 8.8 seconds!

so fun to wear matching p.j.'s with big brother

best buds!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tatum lauren grimes

the little miss has arrived! she entered the world on monday at 2:41 pm, weighing in at 6 lbs, 8 oz. she is ALL pink and ALL girl! :) we are so excited to finally have a girl in the family! she is going to be one tough girl with all of these boys!

court kissing "baby tabim"

beckham is trying to figure out what is on her head!
and yes, if you look closely, court insisted on wearing his cowboy boots to the hospital so he could show "baby tabim"! love that boy!

the happy FAMILY OF 4 finally going home!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

7 months of heaven

watching "hot dog" with big brother

anything & everything goes in the mouth these days!

beckham's 2 favorite fingers!! :)

i STILL can't believe beckham is 7 months old going on 8. this 2nd baby stuff goes by WAY too fast for me. we are having a great summer so far! beckham LOVES to be in the water splashing his hands and his feet. if he could swim as good as court right now, he'd be in hog-heaven! he is still LOVING his food, sitting up great, loves being held, and is a great snuggler. he is sleeping 11 hours in a row at night and still taking 3 naps. he has 4 precious teeth and still drooling up a storm. he has the best disposition and just an all around happy boy! he loves giggling at court and is trying really hard to play like his brother. he loves to squeal at the top of his lungs throughout the day. i think he's trying to copy court because one of court's favorite things to do right now is to see how loud he can SCREAM!! i have a feeling we're going to have a LOUD house! one of these days i'm sure he'll be ready to take off, but for now, he's content with just sitting around taking it all in. when he's on his belly, he'll rock back and forth, but no interest in crawling yet. one of these days.......
rhett and i weighed him the other day and he was 18.5 lbs according to our scale. i think court didn't hit 18 lbs til he was 8 months old. court is weighing in at 25 lbs now, so it won't be long til beckham catches up with him. i am LOVING this age with beckham AND court. they are just the 2 most precious boys! :) i am one blessed mommy and wife! 

beckham's 1st boo-boo on his head. he fell off the bed smack on his forehead. it's mostly a carpet burn, but it sure scared us! the doc said all was fine. :) so, no more monkeys jumping on the bed!! :)