Thursday, May 31, 2012

WAY overdue blog update

wow! it's been 2 months since i've posted on the blog! that is a record i think! but, summer is already in full swing so i thought i should recap our spring! get ready for picture overload!
the grimes clan & mimi/pops came over for a play day and pizza night! fun!

the week before Easter, we went to nash farms and the boys had a BLAST!

of course, on any ACTUAL holiday, my boys know that means someone needs to be sick - it was beckham's turn - hand, foot, and mouth disease (mouth only though) so we had to stay home and decided to play in the mud in our jammies of course!

girls weekend 2012 with all the girls, cousins, aunts! fun in clifton!

we've been to chuck e cheese a time or two!
girl time with aunt missy, tay, and mimi
court took part in a preschool nature school on fridays this spring - and let's just say it was RIGHT UP HIS ALLEY! he loved learning about insects, trees, nature, going on hikes, etc

digging stuff out of the lake - the only kid that wanted to touch the net to dump it in the bucket! way to go court! 

 Easter redo at aunt missy & uncle jon's... lots of fun things to ride!

 cade is a great frizbee thrower
our first lemondade stand - court is one serious business man when it comes to collecting his money! :)