Tuesday, September 7, 2010


anyone want to tell this hunter that he doesn't get to go hunting with DADDY when he goes ELK hunting for 9 DAYS?!?!?!?!?


Mimi said...

Well, God love him! Is he too adorable! I say he just may need to have some sleepover nights with Mimi and Pops and watch Mickey Mouse in the king size bed all he wants,with all the chocolate chip cookies he wants!!

The Dedwylder Family said...

So Adorable! Especially the last picture. That will be a treasure forever!
I'm not looking forward to explaining hunting season this year. I think I'll hear Where's Daddy at least 1,000 times. Oh well, before too long he'll get to go hunting and I'll miss him terribly!
By the way, I was showing David the pictures and he wants to go Elk hunting too!

catherine said...

TOO Cute! :) Love reading your entries about the joys of motherhood, Ashley! God is so good!
Cathy Graham :)