Friday, December 12, 2008

addicted to the paci?!?!?

can you become addicted to the paci at 8 1/2 months?? i really thought we were getting off scott-free in the paci department because court has never really liked them. he would suck on them occasionally from birth, but was never really a fan. that was fine with me. i was glad that we never had to go thru the weaning process at night. but now, he seems to have found a paci that my cousin lindsey gave him and LOVES it. i mean, that boy can suck on that thing for an hour at a time. if it falls out, he just plops it right back in. he's also started sucking his thumb alot lately. i don't know if it's because he's getting his top teeth or what. so far, he hasn't needed the paci to go to sleep and i'm going to "try" to keep it that way. here is a little video of him this morning enjoying his paci. 


Mimi said...

I could watch him all day and still not see him enough! Love him to pieces!

Smitty said...

This is too cute! My advice, if he's going to suck somethinge make it be a paci for 2 reasons:
1) The way you put a thumb in your mouth and the rigidity cause much more problems with flaring the teeth out.
2) Someday, you can take all the pacis and through them out. Cutting off the thumbs is not recommended!!

Hope things are going well,

Stephanie said...

I am so impressed with how well Court is sitting up, rolling over and grabbing that paci! He is growing so fast. Sophia found her paci the other day and put it in her mouth for about 30 minutes. After it fell out I hid it so she would not want it again. We gave it up at 10 months so I am not getting her addicted again at 28 months!!!!

Mike and Kim said...

Hate to share this Ashley...but I was FIVE, yes you are reading correctly FIVE years old when I gave mine up!

I know all the dos and don'ts...but I love em...and they look so cute! I have never seen a clip that big though!

He is all grown up...he is going to be in kindergarten before I see him!


Misty said...

i LOVE the video...what a cutie. maybe he loves the stuffed animal at the end of it, makes the paci much more fun! :) he is soooo precious...i loved this age!

Ashley said...

Only because my sister has 4 do I know about this...but the paci is a comforting tool - it gives them the sensation of nursing, which for most babies is a mother's comfort. So to a babe, the suction from the paci creates the sensation of nursing.

My best friend Jess has a daughter - Riley and she was ready for Riley to get rid of the paci around 18 months. So, her dr. advised that she cut small slits in the top of the paci because it will no longer had the suction sensation that makes the paci so attractive. When you're ready for him to no longer have the paci, try this and see how it works.