Wednesday, December 3, 2008

thanksgiving in groom

we had such a fun thanksgiving in groom this year. as always, we ate lots of yummy food and had a wonderful time with nanny, grandad, grandma, papa, aunt dyana, uncle barry, great great uncle floyd, and great uncle jack. it was court's very first thanksgiving and we spent alot of time talking about how "thankful" we are for him and all the other blessings in our lives. before we headed out to groom, we stopped by the hospital to introduce court to his new cousin, cade. 

court got ahold of the cigar jon gave to rhett. luckily, it was securely wrapped and he didn't inhale!

court cannot figure out who "momma" is holding.

every year, rhett and his dad take their annual hunting picture in full camo and all. this year, court got in on the fun. can you see him??? :)

the annual pic includes their coffee mugs, so court added the ole sippy cup to complete the picture. 

court's first set of wheels at nanny & grandad's.

just like one of the guys. court already loves the remote control. grandad had 3 so he was very entertained!


Becky said...

Looks like y'all had fun making memories with Court's Nanny and Grandad in Groom!

Impressive sippy cup skills Court :)

Mike and Kim said...

How cool are these pictures! I love the matching outfits and cups! So cute. He is getting so so so big...and I think I've held that boy, what, TWICE!!

There is nothing like spending holidays with family! Surround yourself in all that...always.

Love to you three!

Mimi said...

Love their camo look alikes...too cute! We are so thankful for ALL of you...what a precious, precious family!