Tuesday, November 30, 2010


sunday we got all the christmas decorations out and also headed out to see ICE at the gaylord. none of us had ever been and court absolutely LOVED it - especially since it was charlie brown! :)
court is just the right age to be interested in EVERYTHING and he gets SO excited!! :) he just makes us smile and giggle at everything he says!! :)

 court LOVED sliding down the ice. he did it over, and over, and over!!

 this is the only decent pic of mimi and pops with the boys. i think beckham was about to clobber court! :)


Mimi said...

We had the BEST time with you all! Love the excitement and anticipation of Jesus's birthday in Court's precious little heart and love how Beckham just takes it all in and is such a little trooper...they fill our hearts with so much JOY!

Misty said...

We are so excited about ICE being Charlie Brown! We are going next weekend, can't wait, it looks like so much fun! Great pics!

Maegan said...

The picture of you sliding is HILARIOUS!:) And Beckham has the prettiest lips...I mean, handsome lips.

Becky said...

We went last year and saw the GRINCH at the Gaylord, had such a super time! Can't wait to go back this year with my crew!!!

Happy y'all had a fun night with the kiddos and the parentals :)


The Dedwylder Family said...

Looks like fun! Glad to hear Court enjoyed it. We were debating on if Wyatt would have fun. The slide pics sold me. LOL!