Monday, November 29, 2010


we had the BEST time in groom last week for thanksgiving. i'm so thankful that rhett was able to have the WHOLE week off. it's SO nice having an extra pair of hands. as soon as we got to groom, i got my camera out to take pics and it said - charge battery (and i didn't take the charger). AGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! we took SOOO many pictures at beckham's party, that it wore the camera out! so, unfortunately, i don't have any pictures of ALL the fun we had playing outside, feeding the fish in the pond, digging for worms, sliding down the slide, going on wagon rides, raking leaves, sliding into leaves, learning how to walk, eating chocolate chip cookies, eating LOTS of yummy food and dessert, seeing lots of family, watching fun movies, taking naps, helping daddy with the turkey he got, helping grandad drive the big red truck, and getting spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!!! we always have such a great time up there!! :) court did NOT want to leave!
we got home sat. 
before we headed to groom, we all went to mimi & pops to play and eat and hang out. i did manage to get a couple of pics of these wild and crazy boys and the sweet little princess.
rhett and i have SO much to be thankful for. we have great families, wonderful friends, great neighbors, two amazing little boys that keep us young, and a GRACIOUS and LOVING GOD! we could not ask for more!


The Dedwylder Family said...

Love your new family picture!!!! Ya'll are such a cute family!

Regarding your comments on my blog we moved BACK to north arlington! Right around where you used to live. Off of 30 and fielder. Love my much shorter commute to work.
On the blog I think my template is just a plain jane one. My blog used to do the same thing yours did. You want to use the background that is not the "3 column" background. Hope that makes sense.

Maegan said...

We loved having your parents here. They brought a crazy gorilla car that Holden could not stop playing with. He shoveled his lunch down so he could play more with it. We need to plan a play day and get these cousins together!