Thursday, October 30, 2008

what happened to fall y'all????

i was SO enjoying the nice cool weather than allowed me to wear long sleeve shirts...... for all of 2 seconds!!! :) i know we live in texas, but come on, november is only 2 days away!!! :) the last 3 days i have made 2 trips to the store to get all the fixins for some yummy chili. it is a recipe from one of rhett's coworkers. it is the BEST chili i have ever had. and - if you know anything about me, you know that i HATE beans. well, this chili is FULL of beans and i LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it. go figure! that's how good it is! and it makes a TON of chili. when we made this last year, we had our whole small group over (about 16 people) and we still had TONS left after many had seconds, and thirds. you can't really cut the recipe in half because it has 1 can of this, 1 can of that, etc. so, this should last rhett and i all through winter! that is, if it gets below 50 ever again! 
so, rhett is in for a surprise when he comes home. i hope he has a coat in the car. i'll be bundling court up and turning the a/c down so it can feel like fall around here!  and we can enjoy our chili. :) hehehe 



Mimi said...

But look how fun you made it, and enjoyed a delicious meal, as well! Can't wait to see Court on Trick or Treat night!

Heather said...

Chili seems to be in the air. We made some earlier in the week. I'm always on the lookout for a yummy chili recipe (cause I only have a couple that I make) so I'll be wanting to nab a copy of this delicious sounding recipe from you!

Becky said...

How about some recipe love girlfriend?????

Love chili, but I'm with ya on the self respecting southern chili has beans! Right?
But if your a believer, I'll give it a whirl ;)