Friday, October 17, 2008

it's just a bad tooth day around here

well, court's first tooth has made it's appearance finally and tucker & ruby had their teeth cleaned - so we have several "cranks" in the patterson house. ruby is just staring at her food because she wants to eat sooooo bad but can't, and tucker is just wiped out period. i don't think i've ever seen his eyes this bloodshot before. hopefully, tomorrow we'll all be back to normal! i must say, it is nice to have very calm dogs for once. :) maybe the dental cleaning wasn't such a bad idea. :)



Mike and Kim said...

Can I come over? I just had part 2 of a root canal done!!!! I was given a shot to last 8 hours about an hour ago...and I am ready for an "epidural for the mouth."

Just thought I might get some needed T.L.C. from the other tooth suffers in your family!

Love you guys!

Mimi said...

Soo precious...
Don't you know some days Tucker just wishes "it was all just a bad dream"...
Kiss Court for his Mimi and Pops!

Becky said...

Hi Girlie!!!!

Oh man, that's what we have to look forward to in about 4 more months. The vet recommended that Bentley have his cleaned at his next visit! Tucker's eyes make him look like he's been through a ROUGH day, poor fella! I feel your pain fella, I use to HATE going to the dentist (till my husband became one and he's much gentler on the gums). Sounds like Mr. Court is getting the first signs of becoming a big boy...TEETH! Let's hope he keeps those little suckers to himself...can I get an AMEN ;)