Friday, October 31, 2008

if you don't like hearing(reading) about poop, just skip this post

what do you wipe first?!?!?!?! 
i just went to change court's diaper before his afternoon snooze and it was FULL of you know what. so, as i'm attempting to clean up the very mushy stuff, court decides to help me by grabbing at his diaper (his new trick) completely covering his hand in..... yes - poop. so, here's the dilemma - what do you wipe first??? i first went for his hand because that is his favorite teething toy at the moment so i just knew it would be a matter of seconds before that went into his mouth. but, then his hand was going "down there" again and i wanted to clean that before he was totally covered in it. and all of this while he is flipping over onto his stomach because i'm sure he thinks i need to learn some new skills myself (a.k.a.: wrestling with a 7 month old).
so, just picture me trying to hold court still while he's squirming all over the place with poop on his hand, all over his bottom half because it's not cleaning up nicely, and wipes everywhere.
if i could have made it to the bath tub without dropping poop all over the carpet and having yet 1 more thing to clean up, i would have done it! i'm gonna go take my 2nd shower for the day right now.  i guess we'll see later tonight when we both get in our jammies if there is anything i left "behind" that didn't get cleaned up just now. uuggggghhhhh! i'm so grossed out right now! :)
i need a raise! 
can i get an AMEN from all the stay-at-home-mommies?!?!?!



Mimi said...

And ya' thought sleeping through the night was a CHALLENGE! The real fun has just begun! He still has dog food and doggie dadadada poopey to find!!! You might want to go ahead and invest in his first toothbrush!
Love him and can hardly wait to see him tonight!

Becky said...

Been there done that!! It's like trying to wrangle a rabid squirrel when they learn to flip over...then add it in the poop and it a recipe for a BIG MESS...


If you find out who to contact about a raise, let me know.

Mike and Kim said...

It's a poopy kind of world sometimes!!!!!