Monday, October 27, 2008

7 months

all bundled up for a walk

even though we have the perfect child, this is one of his "off" moments (i really think my aunt candy was pinching him!)
sticking the tongue out at the camera 
sitting up like a champ!

as i sit and type this post, i'm listening to the most adorable sound. court is going to sleep and he is "babbling". he loves to "babble" to himself for a little while before naps & bedtime. sometimes, it gets really loud and tucker perks up his ears trying to figure out what court is saying. court has definitely "found" his voice.

 i am so thankful at this very moment for all of these precious sounds. i was looking through my pregnancy pics the other day trying to remember what life was like before court was born. i had no idea how much court would change me. i have wanted to be a mommy for as long as i can remember. i remember playing "house" with all of my girl cousins growing up and we would put balls under our dresses to make it look like we were pregnant. when i was older,  i was always known as the baby hog any time i was around babies - i just loved (and still do) to snuggle with them. i really had no idea what being a mommy felt like, i just knew that i wanted to be one SO badly.

my SIL is about a month away from having baby cade. she is anxiously preparing for his arrival, getting the nursery ready, getting all of the "things" that you need when you first bring the baby home, wondering what to pack for the hospital etc. i'm so excited for this time for her and my brother. they just have no idea what awaits them. it's something that i've tried to describe, but you just can't put it into words that give it justice.  
looking back at those pictures, all of my hopes about motherhood were just dreams of how i thought it would be. i was anxiously preparing and praying for the unknown. there were lots of sleepless nights from not being comfortable enough to sleep and umpteen trips to the bathroom. that really hasn't changed that much.....(we're teething now), but motherhood sure has changed me. each day, i feel a little more like a mommy than the day before. i pray more frequently now, i pray more honestly now, i pray more fervently now, and i pray each day that i will do this "job" well. thank you, Lord, for granting me the privilege of being court's mommy. grant me patience and wisdom in this crazy world we live in. i hope You shine through me in everything i do for him & with him.

now, for the fun stuff! 7 things i LOVE about 7 months!
  1. TEETH!! i don't love the "process" of getting teeth, but they sure are cute once they are here! he has his bottom 2 teeth as we speak, and the doc says, his top 4 will be in by christmas! i think we're past the hard part for now b/c little mr. slept from 7:30-6:30 am w/o a peep last night. whew! that was heaven!
  2. sitting up - he has mastered the art of the sitting position. he only falls when he gets a little too excited... which happens often
  3. coughing/raspberry copycat game. when rhett's parents were here, court and grandad got into a little "coughing war". court would fake cough, and grandad would copy him... and this went on... and on.... and on........ now, he will start up the game with anyone. he also thinks it's funny to blow raspberries and wait for you to copy him. :)
  4. he is now in the 50% in weight and height (finally!). he was in the 25% forever. he weighs 17.2 lbs, and is 27 inches long. 
  5.  he loves to go on walks in his new maclaren stroller. he just squeals at the top of his lungs, and kicks his legs while we are walking with tucker & ruby.
  6. his legs are kicking 90 mph all day long it seems, unless he's sleeping. i don't know where he gets all that energy - he must be eatin' good!
  7. snuggles..... i rarely get to snuggle with my little ball of energy, but when i do, it is heaven. yesterday he actually laid his head down on my shoulder right before naptime and i just sat down in the rocking chair to savor the moment. it was so sweet to feel him so still on my shoulder breathing softly, feeling him rub my arm with his sweet fingers......... and then BAM! UP went his head and he was flipping around so he could see the light switch. he couldn't take his eyes off that thing! but, it was great while it lasted. 


Mimi said...

This made me cry,it was so sweet....what a precious Mommy you are!
Now you understand why a Mom hurts when her child hurts, why a Mom cries when her child cries, and why a Mom rejoices when her child rejoices! God blessed you and Rhett with Court, as you have blessed all who know you!
I love you and thank God for you everyday!

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful description about your love of being a mommy! I definitely agree that montherhood has changed me in ways that I could never describe in words. I still savor the snuggle moments (even more rare now that Sophia is 2 years old). Becoming a mom also changed my heart for my own mother - having a baby makes you softer emotionally and stronger spiritually! Thanks for sharing.

Cathy Sparkman said...

Thanks for sharing, Ashley. That was precious. I love hearing all about how other mothers feel. I share those same sentiments. I smiled all the way through your blog post. Baby hog, that's funny. I love the pic of his moment. When I see pics like that I just love it. We always tend to post/share the perfect ones so it is neat to see you share that one. He is truly precious. I'm so happy you are enjoying him daily. I'm so glad you have the opportunity to stay home with him each day. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing...

Becky said...

Hey Girlie!

Thanks for posting the pic of Court crying...hey you gotta keep it real sometimes, right?!??

I've never seen him cry before so I AGREE, quit pinching that kid Aunt Candy, ha,ha,ha!!!!

Hugs :o)

ginny said...

So sweet, Ashley! I can't wait to see those teeth in person! And, Levi will lay his head on my shoulder sometimes and I don't even want to breathe for fear that the slightest movement will make him move. It really just melts my heart. Enjoy month 7!

Mike and Kim said...

This is a GREAT post! Where have I been??? Working I guess and I have lost a few days of staying current with these posts!

His "gettin angry look" is hilarous! His "look" sure told you!

Thanks for sharing him with us!