Tuesday, October 14, 2008

manly men

we headed to lowe's yesterday, on rhett's day off. this is actually court's 2nd trip to lowe's. i didn't take a pic of the first trip, mainly because court was asleep for most of that trip.  we got some fall flowers to plant (rhett, that is - i kill everything!), we got some other yard stuff, and then headed to the tools. rhett was telling court all about the tools and everything that he was going to teach him when he gets older. court wanted to touch EVERYTHING! i don't know if that is a good sign or not! i have a feeling rhett will be taking court on many field trips to lowe's in the future!!

court and rhett are checking out a $1500 tool box! hello?!?!? why would you need a cd player and a cooler to hold your tools? rhett thought it was the greatest thing ever!:) 


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Heather said...

Why want a "cd player and a cooler to hold your tools?"... because it exists. LOL... Court looks like he was having fun.