Sunday, November 2, 2008

our little punkin'

we didn't really trick-or-treat with court this year, but we couldn't resist dressing him up!!
we went to mom/dad's neighborhood and went for a walk and let court watch all the little kids dressed up in their costumes. he missed the parade because it was nap time. hopefully, next year he'll get to join in with them! :)

court loves this hay. we could hardly get him to look at the camera because he wanted to eat all the hay!
mom & dad dressed in orange & black, but no costumes this year! just the little guy :)

am i cute or what??? :)



Becky said...

you ARE CUTE little Court, and something by the way you're looking in that last picture tells me that you KNOW it too :)

Hugs sweet boy!!!!

Mike and Kim said...

Oh my gosh! That flirty little grin in the last picture is priceless! These are great!

Misty said...

he is getting cuter and cuter every picture you post. the cutest pumpking i've seen! :)