Tuesday, November 18, 2008

helping in the kitchen

after rhett babyproofed the kitchen, i set up a little area for court to play in while i'm cooking each day (yeah right, more like once a week). he has his own cabinet and everything. the dogs could really care less that he is in there. they really wish court would just share his nice comfy blanket with them. 



Mimi said...

Won't it be fun when he can have some CHEERIOS while helping Mommy!

Heather said...

LOL.. I like Mimi's thinking. Yup, Court needs Cheerios in those bowls. HA HA... LOVE these pix and just know that Court loves his own cabinet. He'll be in good practice for when he visits Nanny & Granddad's house.

Mike and Kim said...

Okay...look at that poor puppy that just wants a small portion of what Court is "cooking!" Pitiful!

So cute! Okay how are you??? I haven't heard from you lately...blog or email!

Need to see that baby boy!

ginny said...

What a good little boy to stay on the blanket! He must really like his area.