Friday, November 7, 2008

better late than never!!!

here are the professional pics from our photo shoot at the beginning of october. after being lost twice in the mail, we got them hand delivered last night! court was NOT a fan of the hay or the pumpkins during this shoot. i think if we did it today, however, he'd love it!!! :) my, how this boy changes!!!! excuse the "blurriness". when i downloaded them to the blog, i chose to do the smallest (less quality) since i had so many pics and wanted to download fast. they are really clear in person, i just didn't want to wait for them to take forever! :)

this would be the "only" shot of court smiling in the pumpkins.... little stinker. :)



Becky said...

Hi Ashley,

The last one was worth the wait, his little smile is priceless! What a disaster waiting SOOOOO long though...Also love the one with him on Rhett's shoulders :)

Thanks for sharing!


Heather said...

LOVE them! ESPECIALLY the ones where you and Rhett each are holding him in the air. TOTALLY LOVE THOSE. Love the fam shot and, of course, several of Court just being his handsome little self! BEAUTIFUL pix of a BEAUTIFUL family! We love you guys and miss you gobs!

Anonymous said...

He is so beautiful! Court and Sydney need to meet again sometime soon.

Misty said...

he is so precious...i love all of the candid shots of him and his little cute! :)

Mike and Kim said...

These are great! I like his little grimise! Future attorney! He looks so grown up!

ginny said...

I could eat him with a spoon :) His little grumpy face just makes me smile!