Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 years old

i still can't believe i have a 3 year old in my house!! time has FLOWN by this year. i remember when court turned 2 last year (beckham was just a newborn) and i thought - wow - if i can just get thru this first year with 2, i think i might just make it. boy - did it fly right past me! court turned 3 at 1:58 p.m. (monday), but we had his SUPER WHY birthday party on saturday with all his friends and family. 4 of his friends from his class came and he was just SO excited about everyone joining us!
i LOVE that we measure our boys on the door frame that goes from the kitchen to the garage so we have a record of it. court grew 3 INCHES in 1 year. WOW! no wonder he complained of his legs aching often! that is ALOT of work! he is my tall, skinny boy (17%) and i LOVE every inch of him. i LOVE that he is talking in full sentences now. one of my favorite things at night when we are reading and saying prayers is that he wants me (or rhett) to tell him a story. we've started asking him to tell us a story, and he just CRACKS us up! he is one goofy boy with a tremendous imagination!
i remember the day court was born like it was yesterday. it was a long day of contractions (that started at 2 AM), an epidural, the doctors & nurses trying not to freak me out because i had placenta abruption (but they didn't tell me til after), and then an emergency c-section. i was SO ready for him to be here and hearing him cry was the BEST sound ever!
we thank GOD EVERY single day for our precious blessing, court. he is kind-hearted, spirited, active, rambunctious, full of energy, ALL BOY, compassionate, loving, a GREAT big brother, SMART beyond belief, a great listener, loves to read, loves to learn and ask questions, magnificent child of GOD. we LOVE you court jackson patterson.
here are some pics from his party:
 court dressed up like "super why". nanny made him a blue cape and mimi bought him a green mask. i was shocked that he wore this costume for the 1st half of the party.

showing daddy how to go down the big slide
 blowing out candles on the cookie cake
presents! bailey was so cute. she gave court this present and then after court opened it, she took it and said thank you court (so excited) she really thought court had given her that present!

 i didn't even notice this little stinker getting into the kid drinks and chomping on ice!

monday(court's real birthday) rhett took off and we headed to the fort worth children's museum since that's what the birthday boy wanted to do! :)


The Dedwylder Family said...

Happy Birthday Court!

Misty said...

Happy Birthday Court! You are growing up so fast and you are SO darn cute! :)

Grimes Life said...

Very fun party!!

Mimi said...

Thank you Court, for filling your Mimi and Pops hearts with so much LOVE! You are such a precious gift to us and you make our hearts so happy! WE love you and thank GOD for YOU!