Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my baby is 2!!!

we celebrated court's 2nd birthday last weekend with a mickey mouse "hot dog" party with family/friends and then topped the day off with dinner at chuck e. cheese. court had a BLAST at his party. nanny helped make the mickey mouse cake - only took 3 trips to the store, but we finally got it finished before midnight. it was so yummy! we had 1 ear left and every time we eat it, we blow out candles and have to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy!

watching "hot dog" while eating "hot dog" cake!

cousin cade and aunt missy eatin' some cake and ice cream

grant is serious about his cake!

present time...... i have no idea who brought what because it didn't get written down in all of the chaos! so, thanks everyone!

check out the yard tools court got. not sure he knows that the weedeater is not for bushes, but oh well!! we'll keep him busy all summer doing  yardwork!

family pic - can you tell court does NOT have time to take pictures when there is playin' to do!

this precious gift arrived 2 years ago and i still cannot believe it! it has FLOWN by! when i think about only having 16 more years with him at home, it makes me so sad - so i won't think about that ANYMORE! he has blessed us in so many ways. he is just the smartest boy i think i've ever known - he may need to skip kindergarten.... hehehe just kidding. he can count to 13, knows MANY letters, knows hundreds of words it seems, can remember just about anything (which is a little scary), copies just about everything we say (which is even scarier), loves his brother, loves to follow  his daddy around and do stuff JUST like him, loves to help, loves to give "bear hugs" and kisses, loves to clap and dance, loves mickey mouse and elmo, loves to play at the kid gym, loves to play with stickers, loves to paint, loves to explore, loves to dig in the dirt, loves to throw balls, loves to play in the sand, loves to read stories at night, and still loves to cuddle after naptime. i hope that last one never changes! we love you THIS MUCH court and are so proud of you!


Misty said...

Two years sure did go by fast! Looks like he got a summer haircut too! He is precious! Happy Birthday Court!

melkey said...

The cake turned out great. Sorry we missed the partey. Looked like Court had a great day. Miss you guys.
Love, The Merrimans