Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend

our easter weekend started off with rhett having the day off on friday. can i just tell you how much i LOVE it when rhett is home. one extra set of hands is OH SO NICE! he is such a great daddy and does EVERYTHING for his boys!! court spent the night with mimi & pops friday night and rhett and i got so much done around our house. i didn't realize how much time 2 kiddos take up until i just had 1 to deal with. it seemed like such a piece of cake - although i know it isn't. i remember how hard it was when i was a new mommy. now, i'm even more thankful for all the help we get from grandparents!! saturday morning we met mimi & pops and court at IBC for the Easter Eggsperience. we enjoyed an easter egg hunt, bounce houses, carnival games, face painting (court didn't do this), petting zoo, a picnic, and a fun room for toddlers under 3. court had SO much fun and fell asleep on the way home. he took a great 2 hour nap and then cade, aunt missy, and uncle jon came over to celebrate with another easter egg hunt, cupcake decorating, bubble bath, and play time. sunday we got up and went to the early service (we were even early to that). it was a GREAT service about christ's resurrection and our pastor who has been battling stage 4 colon cancer did a great job. we then grabbed a quick bite to eat. court fell asleep again on the way home and took another great nap. i think we had a fun filled weekend! 

ready for the hunt to begin
already a pro!
boy - you better watch out - don't get my eggs!

fun with playdo

petting the donkey
on a mission to find those eggs

cade and missy

found some!

my little bald easter egg!


 all ready for bed in their new p.j.s!


melkey said...

so much fun!!
Love the pics. That Beckham is growing up. And I love little boys in the bath. What a blessing of having such a wonderful husband and father to your 2 boys! Miss you. love Mel

Becky said...

Left you a little award today via the blog! Stop by and pick it up anytime :) HUGS