Friday, March 4, 2011

day with the cousins

wednesday, we headed to northpark mall to meet mel, cade, and tatum at the disney store for story time. let's just say that lots of mommies had the same idea! :) it was crowded but so much fun!! we heard a story about winnie the pooh and after chasing beckham around, i decided he needed to be buckled in. give him some food and he is one happy boy! i think he gets the most enjoyment out of running away from me, squealing, and then seeing if i'm chasing him, which makes him go even faster! wears me out! tatum and court just sat there the whole time listening contently. cade (who is SO into toy story) found the toy story display and lined them all up perfectly. he was the cutest thing! next, we headed upstairs for a quick bite of lunch, had to throw pennies in the fountain, and then outside to run off some energy!

i think tatum is saying " i want some of that beckham!"
playing by the fountains...
such a GORGEOUS day outside! tatum is very interested in the grass!
pretty girl...... so calm........ don't know what that is like!! :)
got the kiddos to sit still for maybe 3.4 seconds for a quick pic and then they were off again! can't wait to spend more time outside with these kiddos this spring!! :) great idea aunt missy!


Grimes Life said...

Fun times, even though Cade was OUT OF CONTROL!! Did I mention he eas grounded the rest of the day!?!?

Mimi said...

"Hey, did you happen to see the most BEAUTIFUL children in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD?"
love, love, love our precious babies~won't miss the next outing, for sure!

Misty said...

i love days with our cousins....they are usually exhausting, but WELL worth it! :)