Friday, March 11, 2011

crazy day

court and i went to townsell elem. in irving this morning. our church held a scholastic book fair last month and donated almost 1,000 books - today we held 2 assemblies for the kiddos and at the end EACH one got a brand new book. they were SO excited. court did a great job helping sort out the books this morning by class. he LOVED trying to carry the "heavy" boxes. we watched a presentation by some of our children's ministry leaders, listened to a great book on courage, and then walked with a kindergarten class back to their room. once we were there, court passed out a new book to each little boy and girl. he was SO proud to be giving them something they may not have much of at home. this morning on the way to the school, we talked about how blessed we are to have so many books at our house, and how lucky we are to have a great library where we can go borrow books to read. i told him that some little boys and girls don't have books at their house and some don't have mommies and daddies to read to them every night. he just kept saying... "oh". he has such a sweet heart. while we were in the assembly, my phone rang twice and it was a flower mound # that i didn't recognize (i really thought it was the library calling about a book i had on hold) so i didn't answer it. we walked the books back to the classes and while we were waiting for the 2nd assembly to start, that number called back so i answered it. it was my mom (mimi) who was at our house while beckham napped. she had our neighbor's phone because she locked herself out of our house. she was frantic! she had already called the fire dept. who was on their way. so, court and i just left ASAP without even saying goodbye. by the time i got to the car i finally realized that beckham was ok - mom just couldn't get in the house. so, we hurried home to let mimi in but the great firemen had already gotten in our back door. YAY! so, we took mimi to chuck e. cheese to raise her blood pressure a little more! :) 
it wasn't too long ago that i locked myself out of our house while beckham was on the couch (2 months old & couldn't roll yet) and court was in the living room. luckily, my jeep door was unlocked and i got in through the garage. but, i did have a minor heart attack once i realized i couldn't get back in. so, rhett is now on his way to make multiple sets of our keys to give to neighbors! :) 
i'm so sad i don't have any pics of our day of service today. i didn't take my camera because i knew we couldn't officially take pics of the public school kiddos - crazy rules. but, i was planning on taking 1 with my cell phone, but i was a little preoccupied with a frantic phone call! :) 


Mimi said...

Yes, I was FRANTIC, to say the least! Being a Grandmother is a HUGE responsibility and I hated more than anything calling you to tell you I was locked OUT, and Beckham was locked IN! Fortunately, he was safe and asleep in his crib! It crossed my mind several times to call Rhett, but knew you'd be able to be here before he could~I even thought of asking your sweet neighbor to make the call for me~ I owe him a batch of cookies, for all his great help! He was so kind and knew I was one worried grandmother! (Bet he won't ever ask ME to babysit...ha!) As he and I were checking all of the windows to be sure one didn't just happen to be unlocked(yeah right, he and I both agreed ya'll have the most secure home we've ever seen)I even found myself looking UP at Court's window~who knows why~maybe I was really looking up and asking GOD for a miracle! Well, HE did bring a miracle~three Flower Mound firemen~(I think I saw one shaking his head as he got out of his truck... with my hands on my hips, the teacher in me started to ask him if that's what he was doing) when he said, "It's okay ma'am, this happens more often than you think and we're going to get the door open, I promise!"
Which they did~within minutes without breaking a door or a window. My next concern was how disappointed Court was going to be to "miss the firemen." I ask them if they could stay for just a few more minutes, as he and his Mommy should be driving up any minute, and again,I saw the head shake thing~this time all three!
So as I walked inside,I thanked God for Ashley not panicking and still entrusting me with her most precious little gifts!
If any of you see me walking with a key around my neck, please don't ask why~you see, I HAVE a key, but my keys AND phone were locked inside, so what good were they????

Grimes Life said...

WOW, i would say that is very crazy! Glad Beck was secure and safe in his crib!

Maegan said...

Ha ha ha! That is hilarious and I wish I could have been there to witness it. You can babysit for me any time. Holden locks me out of the house all the time! Luckily, my loving husband installed a garage door opener key pad dealy-do so I can get in without a key...or I can just climb through our giant dog door.