Sunday, March 6, 2011


this little cutie pie is trying to tell me something....... he thinks he doesn't need to take two naps. :)
for about a week he has had a HARD time going down for his afternoon nap. i would not have ANY idea about this except we have a video monitor. beckham goes down with no problem and has just been playing, rolling over, walking all over his crib, standing on his head, playing with the bumper, etc in COMPLETE SILENCE. one day i just happened to look at the video monitor and realized he wasn't actually sleeping - for 1 1/2-2 hours he entertains himself! crazy! so, i got out my ole' trusty babywise books and blog (just love that stuff). and low and behold - it says the "average" age that babies stop needing 2 naps is between 14-22 months. and beckham is now 15 1/2 months old. so, there ya go. one of the suggestions (if you feel your child still needs 2 naps) is to shorten the morning nap and then they will still take a long afternoon nap. i still feel like he could benefit from 2 naps for at least a couple more months, so we tried this today. 
poor boy has green/yellow gunk coming out of his nose and a cough, so they won't let us bring him to church so i tried out this new plan this morning. i put him down at 9 for a 1 hour nap (and boy he sure was sleeping good when i got him up :( ), and then he went straight to sleep at 1 when i put him down just now. RIGHT TO SLEEP!! :) so, i think this just might work. i have a feeling sometime this summer he will only need 1 nap just like big brother. i think court was over the whole morning nap thing about 18-19 months. they grow up sooo fast!!!! :)
happy sunday!


Mimi said...

What a cute sink skinny dipper! He IS growing up way too fast~how he makes my heart SMILE with his contagious smile! love you all!

Grimes Life said...

Oh little beck! I think his cousin cade might take 2 naps til kindergarten, ha!

Maegan said...

And little Hattie NEVER took 2 naps. But I will trade naps for a good nighttime sleeper and she is. She easily needs 12 hours of beauty rest just like her mama! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Misty said...

another sign he's growing up too fast! enjoy naps while you got them...eventually they stay awake ALL day! HA HA