Friday, October 22, 2010

11 is heaven!

where, oh where, has the time gone???? i just have NOT had enough baby time with this little one who is becoming bigger and bigger each and every day.
he is now 20.4 lbs and REALLY long. haven't measured him so i don't have an exact length! he is ALMOST walking! he will stand all by himself for a really long time, but wants to hold on to something to actually take a step. he is jabbering ALL THE TIME! if we could just understand him. we know exactly what he means when he is excited - which is pretty much any time he sees court, or daddy, or is having fun outside, etc. he is eating/drinking/sleeping like a champ still.  he's doing great with finger foods, but definitely still loves baby food as well. he loves to clap and dance when he hears mickey mouse clubhouse on the tv. he loves to play peek-a-boo while he's eating. he loves to give kisses. he loves to get tickled. he loves taking a bath. he loves playing outside in the sand. he loves pushing anything and everything. he loves to snuggle right before naptime or bedtime. he loves to "feel" things with 1 finger before he eats it or plays with it. he loves to wake up at 6:30 AM after 11 hours of sleep. he loves saying mamamamamamama and dadadadadadadada and a bunch of other jibberish.  he has 8 teeth.  he only has 1 more month of being a baby and i need to freeze this month in time. :(and he is 1 of 3 LOVES of my LIFE! i am blessed beyond measure. 

crawling into the cabinet to get "toys".

check out this post of when court was 11 months old - he had SO MUCH HAIR!! :)

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Grimes Life said...

cutie patootie! Girl, he can still be your baby at a year old!! Happy 11 months old Beck! :)