Monday, March 2, 2009

11 months

this post will be short and sweet because i have to soak up all i can of court before he turns a whole YEAR OLD!! less than 1 month of having a "baby" in the house. :( sniff, sniff....

my top 11 favs:
  1. court loves to practice walking. as soon as you grab his hands, his legs start going and he cracks up laughing. he still hasn't figured out how to bend his knees, but we're working on it.
  2. court LOVES to start laughing at you and turn around quickly to crawl away. it's his favorite way of playing chase. too cute!
  3. right before nap time, while i'm changing his diaper.... i'll give him his paci and his eyes close immediately.... it just puts him right out!
  4. when court was sick (which i hate) with the stomach flu, we had to do alot of rocking to sleep. one day, i was sitting with him in the rocker and we were rocking, and i leaned back and closed my eyes. he started saying "mmmm" so i looked down at him and he immediately closed his eyes to go to sleep. so, i closed my eyes again and about a minute later i hear "mmmmm" again - so i look down at him and he again closes his eyes. apparently, i have to WATCH court sleep.... i'm not allowed to close my eyes myself. it just made me giggle. 
  5. anything court picks up, he has to shake to see if it makes a noise. he loves to help me shake his bottles to mix it up! he gets a big smile on his face as he is shaking!
  6. court LOVES to turn the lights on & off over and over again. he started this about 2 months ago, and then got tired of it. apparently, we are loving the light switch again.
  7. he loves the magnets on the refrigerator that mimi showed him. they are a bit tiny and NOT child-proof, so i guess that will be our next purchase.
  8. we took the bath seat out of the tub and MR. is loving his freedom in the tub. much less water is in the tub but he loves crawling all around and playing with the toys. last night was the first time he cried when i pulled him out of the tub because he was getting very wrinkly. i have a feeling that might now be a daily ritual from now on. 
  9. court loves it when we play "this little piggy" with his toes. he pulls his feet back and giggles and then sticks his foot right back out at you so you will keep going. 
  10. court loves to play on rhett's guitar. he sees it in the office and heads right for it. he knows how to pluck the strings and everything without anyone teaching him. we have a little rocker on our hands.
  11. we have 1 open trash can in the office, and let's just say it now stays empty at all times. court is a master at emptying the trash and sticking everything in his mouth. so, we probably just need to get rid of that thing anyway since we can't use it for it's original purpose. :)


Heather said...

I LOVE the pix of Court on this post. That cracked me UP! Almost a year old....I can't believe it either! Give him a hug and squeeze from us. The kids have been talking non-stop about our upcoming visit to see, as they call him "our cute baby Court". Notice the "our"... LOL Love you!

Mimi and Pops said...

Greatest 11 months of our lives~ love him, love him!

Cathy Sparkman said...

isn't it amazing he's already 11 months? crazy!!! great to see how much you're enjoying each moment. i look forward to seeing you at mops one of these days. :o) oh, and you were right about the bachelor thing.

melissa said...

can't wait for Court and Jackson to rock out. Jackson loves to play with Doug's guitar,also. We love the pic. They grow up way too fast! Love, Mel, Doug, Jackson

Stephanie said...

Trey just showed me a video he took this week of Sophia playing his guitar and humming a song. I think we could get them all together in a band when they get older!
I love hearing about how Court is growing up and learing new things. It will be special to look back on these memories that you have captured - and they bring back memories for me too!

ginny said...

We loved seeing y'all on Saturday. Court is precious! We're right there with you on #11...Levi always finds the trashcan in our bathroom, so now it's usually sitting on the counter, which is kind of gross!