Sunday, March 29, 2009

birthday boy!

more pics from kara! 

don't ask what i'm pointing at or telling court because i have no idea!

bo climbing on!!

sophia and ryan "fixin" stuff

birthday boy

court had a FABULOUS 1st birthday party last saturday. the weather did not cooperate, but we managed to survive having 4 construction vehicles and a home depot tool station in full force for 2 hours (all in the living room). the kids had a blast riding the trucks, "fixing" things, eating dirt cake, and helping court open his presents. i wish i had pics of the kids on the trucks on my camera, but i did not get any that day :(. to say that court was "wired" after his party is a major understatement. court usually goes to bed between 7:30-7:45 each night and it takes him about 10 minutes to get himself to sleep. saturday night i finally had to ROCK him to sleep because it was 8:30 and he was still bouncing up and down and wanting to play. maybe too much cake??? :) thanks to all who came and made it such a FUN PARTY!!! 

sophia and cousin hadley are helping court open his presents

balls, balls, and more balls (from uncle jon)..... we are already thinking of a payback present, don't worry

dirt cake with bull dozers on top


i'm 1!


Mike and Kim said...

These are so good! Look how big he looks in the last photo!! Amazing that a YEAR has already gone by!!

Come see us at lunch!

The Dedwylder Family said...

What a handsome 1 year old! Love the last picture. So sweet. In the first picture does his shirt have a "1" with his name on it. Looks like its camo? Love it! Where did you get it - I need to get one for Wyatt. Looks like the party was a hit! Way to go Mom and Dad!

Anonymous said...

You weren't telling Court anything in that picture with you pointing. You were scolding John for dumping the big bag of balls :)

Becky said...

Oh the party looked like so much fun, we were sorry to miss it! What an exciting time for Court, all his friends and cousins there to celebrate :) What a cute, sweet, adorable ONE year old you have on your hands!!!

Love you guys :)