Monday, October 25, 2010

best sermon i've ever heard

i NEVER do this - post about something i want you to watch. but, this is worth it. rhett and i heard the BEST sermon we've ever heard yesterday at church. we have a GREAT speaking team at church and this speaker, jay utley, is spectacular. if you have time to watch, please do. it's on parenting - and the MOST important job we have - teaching our children about GOD and not taking that lightly. WOW is all i can say. have your tissues ready. i forgot my purse (with my tissues in it) and at one point, rhett was offering me his shirt..... :) it's really great - i promise. 

once you click on this link, click on worship: 10/24/2010
make sure you close this blog (or pause the music) so it doesn't interrupt. :)

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Misty said...

i'm so glad you posted this. jay is one of my MOST favorite speakers. i cry EVERY SINGLE time he preaches. he gets me. i was sick sunday so i missed this. for sure listening to it. thanks!!!