Wednesday, October 20, 2010

state fair of texas

pops and i took court to his 1st state fair of texas last friday. i hadn't been in YEARS - i think the last time i went was when rhett and i were dating. court had a BLAST!! the first thing we did was head straight to the "hands on the farm" exhibit and court got to be a farmer for the day. here he is feeding the chickens, milking the cows, planting seeds, and riding a tractor. then he got to "buy" a snack (doritos) which he chowed down on! as soon as he was done with that he wanted a corny dog because i had been telling him ALL about them. we made a pit-stop at the petting zoo to feed the animals first and then fed this hungry boy!!

 my picky boy didn't want the hot dog inside, so he just ate the outside! :)

 enjoying the fountains

 hangin' with big tex

one of the 3 rides court rode. here he is checking out the cute girl behind him.... :)
we had SO much fun and can't wait for beckham to join us next year!! 


Mimi said...

MIMI wants to go next year... Pops had SOO MUCH fun with Court!

Maegan said...

How cute! And so sweet that Pops went with you guys. Isn't it awesome to have grandparents in town to spoil?:)