Thursday, October 28, 2010

court's halloween party at school

when i was a teacher, i remember planning and planning each and every holiday party wanting it to be so much fun for the kiddos. now, i don't have to worry about the planning part, just the fun part! rhett and i (and beckham of course) got to join court's class during their halloween party today. it was so cute watching court with his friends. he was VERY excited that daddy was at his school. he couldn't stop smiling! :)

my little cowboy dressed up like woody from toy story.

 most of court's class - notice court is looking at his daddy in both of these pics!

 eating a yummy cookie treat
 beckham thinks he's big enough for school - but momma says NOT YET! :) i have to enjoy him at home for another year at least (maybe more).
playing games with daddy. batman is court's good friend will.

 giving mrs. clay a hug and kiss (something he does EACH time).
giving mrs. hardin a hug and kiss too!

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Maegan said...

His costume is hilarious!