Monday, November 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

still trying to play blog catch up!! at the end of october, we all met at a FUN pumkin patch in grapevine. it had an "old vintage farm" feel to me. we got to play on the outside of the corn maze, play in the real pumpkin patch while exploring the different stages of pumpkins, play on the playground, ride pint-size tractors, eat kettle korn, go on a hayride and feed donkeys & cows, and just have a great time. unfortunately, rhett came down with strep that morning, so he was home with fever. but, next year he will join us for sure! :) i borrowed these pics from mel's blog because i forgot to take my good camera. thank goodness aunt missy always has her camera or i might never have pics to document our fun!!

 beckham feeding the cows. they would stick out their tongue as FAR as they could and court thought it was HYSTERICAL!!
big girl tay!

halloween goodies from pops & mimi. you can see the pumpkin patch in the background with the old lights... it was so cute!

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Mimi said...

It was so fun..believe my favorite part was the hayride...better yet, my favorite part was watching the kids running through the pumpkin "maze"!