Monday, November 28, 2011

where has the time gone? it seems like just yesterday, we were bringing you home from the hospital the week before thanksgiving..... SO excited to have a new little baby in the house. now, you are a BIG boy and you are so proud!! you are talking in 2 & 3 word sentences. you want to be JUST like your big brother court. you copy everything he does and everything he says. i love how you always want to play "get your sugar" so i can get all of your kisses. you love to play "chase". you have the BEST, most infectious laugh! you LOVE your daddy and are a daddy's boy when he comes home from work. i love when you say "hold me, hold you" when you want to be held. you still love to suck on your two favorite fingers on your left hand when you are tired or unsure about something. you love to say prayers when we sit down to eat dinner together. you say "God, you (thank you), food, court, daddy, mommy (then the list gets longer and longer), amen!
you are the LIGHT of our lives!! God blessed us tremendously when he gave us you. he must know what he's doing - because you are one strong-willed little boy with a mind all your own, but i LOVE it!!! i love you more and more each day!!
happy 2nd birthday!!! we LOVE you!
birthday boy!!! SO excited everyone is coming over to celebrate him!!
mimi & beckham
nanny & beckham
patterson grandkids - how did we manage to get them to sit still long enough for a pic?
birthday boy pushing miss tay

we had an elmo birthday with RED elmo cupcakes! yummo!
thanks for all the fun new toys!!1

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Mimi said...

Sweet, sweet Beckham,
I thank GOD for YOU! What a precious blessing you are to fill my heart completely!