Thursday, November 3, 2011


when the fair was in town, pops and i took the boys and we had a blast. pops started taking the boys (well court - since beckham was too little & cade couldn't make it) last year and it's a fun tradition. hopefully, next year - the whole clan can join in! we decided to ride the train and court and beckham thought that was great!! beckham screamed almost the whole ride there - pops, train, choo-choo! i'm sure the other passengers were glad when we got off. 

we got to pet and feed the baby animals
posing with mommy
my little camera boy!
this is the "hands on the farm" exhibit and let me just say that it was the boys favorite! after you plant seeds, feed the animals, collect eggs, ride the tractors, you get a snack for all of your hard work. we did this exhibit twice while we were at the fair - the boys loved it so much!

let's just say that court will be our roller coaster rider. beckham screamed the ENTIRE ride even though i was holding him the whole time! :) court, on the other hand wanted to ride them all!

waiting for the train to take us home - the boys slept GOOD on fair day! thanks pops for taking us to the fair!

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Mimi said...

Not sure who had more fun, Pops or the boys! AND, he's kind of hinted to me that he would like for this to be just HIS and the grandkids special time(and the Moms, I guess) Know the boys will always remember going to the fair with Pops as such a fun time! LOVE that for HIM and THEM!