Sunday, November 27, 2011

oct & nov catch up

wow! i'm really behind on this blog!! here is a recap of halloween and november in a nutshell!

i took the boys to our local flower mound pumpkin patch just 1 day before it got really cold & rainy. beckham was the only one in the mood for picture takin' so i got one good one in. :)
here are our 2 professional trick-or-treaters! this was beckham's 1st year to really trick or treat. once he realized that you get candy everytime you knock on the door, he was all over that!! until he got his favorite m&m's. then, he just stayed in the wagon and ate the rest of the way. :) court on the other hand, would hand back the candy he didn't like. we had to have a quick talk about being thankful for what you're given... and that mommy & daddy will eat whatever candy you don't like! :) silly boy!
 the first weekend of nov, we went camping with one of our favorite families - the merriman's. first time camping with the boys in a tent and it was pretty cold that night. we had a great time playing baseball, making smores, playing by the lake, and riding bikes. note to self: do not go camping on day light savings weekend - we were up at 5:30 AM!! but, it was SO much fun!!

 court and jackson telling stories by the camp fire!
do we really need this much stuff for 1 night?!?!
 first cold night and we made a fire. the boys kicked up their feet and court declared that we needed to make chocolate chip cookies to eat every time we have a fire. so, i've got to keep the pantry stocked for that boy! great tradition!!!!

 and we celebrated this precious 3 year old!!! can't believe God blessed our family with this amazing little man 3 years ago!!! we had fun at his pirate bash - and uncle rhett even got to eat ice cream with tay tay!! :)

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Mimi said...

ohh, the greatest blessings in my life~ each and every one of them!