Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas 2010

what a great christmas holiday. i love that court is at the age that he is starting to "get" everything that is going on. it is SO SWEET to watch. i love that he wanted to make a birthday cake for jesus. each night we read about the birth of jesus and the wise men coming to bring gifts to jesus. it's just precious to hear court repeat that story. 
the week before christmas, court's class got a visit from "santa". i was curious to see court's reaction because each time we saw santa at the mall, he only wanted to wave and not get any closer. he did great with his class. he was definitely a little hesitant about getting on his lap, but after most of his class did, he agreed to go so mommy could get a picture. here is his class walking in to see santa. 

not so sure about sitting on santa's lap. 
he told santa that he wanted a "green horn" for christmas. he saw a green horn in a christmas book he read with mimi and that is all he could talk about. so - santa delivered a green horn in his stalking christmas morning and court was SO EXCITED!

rhett and i gave each other 12 dates for 2011. so, we will have 2 planned dates a month! woohooo - i'm so excited. rhett got really fancy with the packages too.... here are ALL my dates! :) i have the best hubby! 
we were hoping to see aunt heather, uncle ray, hadley, ryan, and reese on their way to groom for christmas. but, unfortunately, they were ALL sick: burst ear drum, strep, colds, coughs...... just no fun. so, they bypassed our house to keep the germs away. hopefully, we'll be able to see them for ryan's birthday in a couple of weeks. 
christmas eve we headed over to mimi/pop's to celebrate. here is court making jesus a birthday cake. mommy forgot to bring the happy birthday hat from church and court was not happy......
all the kiddos playing with their santa gifts...... a grill set for cade, and an elmo restaurant for court & beckham... and they came with cooking sunglasses of course!

ring around the rosey........ 
aunt missy and miss tay watching the action. 

bath time!!! right after bath time, we heard santa's sleigh outside our window. we all looked out and saw rudolf's red-nose flying by (uncle jon). it enticed them to get to bed so santa could come! the grimes' headed home in their pj's to have christmas at their house. you wouldn't know it from these pics, but poor cade had a rough christmas day. he ended up going to the emergency room and after too many tests for such a sweet boy, he also has strep and rsv. we are hoping for a quick recovery for that precious boy. 

here we are setting out santa's cookies and milk. court and beckahm had to taste them to make sure santa would like them. we also put out hay for the reindeer that court got from school. 
christmas morning started about 6:45 AM - both boys woke up EXACTLY at the same time. so, once i got the video camera ready, we all headed in to see what santa brought. 
beckham loves his ride on toy that sings, counts, plays music..... oh joy!
court and daddy played for HOURS with the new train table. i don't know who loves it more: court or daddy......
mimi and her santa baby..

rhett was off for the beginning of this week so monday we headed to the fort worth museum of history and science and had SO MUCH FUN in the children's museum.
can you tell that this boy LOVES trains??????
beckham loved playing in the "hospital". he is a little rough with the babies however...
this boy loves to "drive"!!
fun fun fun!


Mimi said...

You ALL being with us Christmas made our Christmas perfect! How we LOVE all the fun time and special memories with our sweet babies...all 4 of them! Thank you for always making us a part of all the fun!

Misty said...

Love all the great pictures you got over the holiday! Your boys are so precious. I love looking at these pictures - i takes me back to when my two boys were that age. So much fun! They are adorable! the date gift idea!