Tuesday, December 14, 2010

our christmas card

we are doing a "digital" christmas card this year. since our "christmas card" went out in FEBRUARY last year, i decided we'd do a digital one so it would be on time. just haven't had the time to pick a card, get it ordered, address envelopes, and get to the post office. i've been a little too busy chasing around 2 wild and crazy boys, and enjoying every minute of my time with them. maybe next year we'll get into the swing of things again.


Mimi said...

We could have ask for nothing more dear and precious to our hearts than our precious little boys!
They are the joys of our hearts and the loves of our life! We are looking so forward to you all being with us Christmas and watching for Rudolph with Court and Beckham!

Misty said...

Your family is adorbale. These are great pictures. Thanks for the photographer info...one day I'll finally get aroung to getting our boys made. Merry Christmas to you guys!