Wednesday, December 15, 2010

trains at northpark

sunday, we headed to northpark to see the trains! court and cade are at such a GREAT age - and they LOVE trains! santa is actually bringing court & beckham a train table this year (i better remind him :)).
we grabbed a quick bite for lunch and then headed to see the trains. wow! it was PACKED!! i think we were all sweating by the time we left. 

 beckham trying to give tay a high five

two peas in a pod - court said he was holding cade's hand so he wouldn't get lost. 

cade is an EXPERT at making a train sound! here he is pointing to the balloons (which he loved!)
 getting some "much needed" girl time with my tay

 the whole family - i think cade wins for the only kid actually looking at the camera!

the boys did NOT want to wear the train conductor hats, so uncle jon modeled for us. 

 just about the only decent pic of mimi & pops with the older two + 1 silly court face!
 patterson clan

grimes clan

 stroller duty...

 "mommy...... uncle jon keeps trying to get me to make the longhorn sign - get me down!!" :)
 should i be worried that beckham "loved" playing in the sleeping beauty castle at the disney store instead of the mickey mouse clubhouse???
time to head home for naptime..... in fact - court took a 3 hour nap and we had to wake him up at 5 pm! he thought it was morning time! he was worn out!!
such a fun outing with the family! :)

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Misty said...

so fun...we took the boys when they were that age. we haven't been back. we need to go again!!!