Saturday, January 1, 2011

a great start to a BRAND NEW YEAR

we bundled up this morning and headed to the airport to greet the troops arriving home. the boys stayed in their pjs, we grabbed some donuts and took a ride. court wore his rainboots and he and beckham were quite the sight for the early morning greeters. the veterans and older  greeters came and took pictures of the boys with their pjs and flags while beckham flirted and played peek-a-boo with them. the flight ended up being delayed a little bit, so we were all just trying to pass the time entertaining them. the boys did GREAT! court enjoyed waving to the troops and clapping for them and beckham enjoyed squealing when he heard the other greeters cheering. what an honor it was to be in the presence of heroes today. the men and women that walked off that plane make it possible for us to celebrate holidays like new year's eve without having to worry about our safety. we enjoyed thanking them for their service today. it was a very small gesture, but the look on the service members faces was PRICELESS!

greeting troops this morning at DFW. i loved seeing the great big smiles on their faces when they walked thru the doors at the terminal. 

court playing with the american flags they hand out. he didn't quite understand the rule about - "don't let the flag touch the ground". 

 waiting for the soldiers to arrive.
as the soldiers walked thru, court would say, "there's another one mommy!". 91 soldiers came home today for their 2 week leave. 
 they usually hand out the soldier bears to children of soldiers who are at the airport to greet their parents. but, there weren't any kids today so, the veterans came and gave one to our boys. we are looking forward to doing this again soon!


Mimi said...

How those sweet little boys must have warmed so many lonely soldiers hearts and been the best part of their holidays. I imagine many of them experienced GOD and HIS faithfulness through the eyes and cheers of 2 little boys early this cold January morning~

The Dedwylder Family said...

Your family is so AWESOME for doing that. On behalf of the families (like mine) who didn't think about doing that (but wish they had) THANK YOU. Thank you for being there for the soldiers. I imagine it was a memorable experience. Happy New Year Patterson Family!