Wednesday, January 26, 2011

rhett is officially fired from ever taking pictures again

rhett and court met up with pops, cade, and uncle jon last saturday to head to the fort worth stock show & rodeo. here are the pics that came back. i will give my hubby 1 pass this time since court was starting to get sick while he was there. we just thought he was cranky, and come to find out after nap time, he felt AWFUL! so, here ya go. your guess is as good as mine as to what these are pics of. :) 

i think they are looking at a tractor

 cade, pops, and court..... not sure what they're doing with the tree. :)
maybe they are trying to push the tree over?!?!? :) 
next year - i'll give him lessons before they head to the rodeo. momma needs some GOOD pics! 


Mimi said...

I'm thinking they may have ask Pops to "push the tree over"...and he'd do whatever it takes to please the hearts of those sweet boys~he had the BEST birthday ever!

Misty said...

It seems men just don't have the "VISION" that we do when we bring our cameras along! :)