Thursday, February 3, 2011

ice DAYS........

we have been stuck inside for the last 3 days due to lots of ICE. not really snow and court is very disappointed that he can't build a snowman. hopefully, tonight and tomorrow there will be enough snow for him to build one. rhett has been home for the last 2 days and boy have we enjoyed it!  it took rhett 1 1/2 hours to get to work today and we've had to come up with ALOT of creative things to do while daddy is gone. when rhett was here we at least got out of the house once a day to go run an errand, but i'm too chicken to drive in this stuff by myself. 
so, today, we've made a pillow mountain to climb on mommy & daddy's bed. this was a GREAT way to burn off some energy for these little boys.

we also rode down the stairs in the laundry basket. great workout for mommy and daddy!!

we have read a TON of books!

did some valentine art projects.

played LOTS of games.

made salty dough valentine ornaments... (before)

painting the ornaments (after)...
 i think court is trying to make as many goofy faces as he can today...

and snuggled ALOT with mommy today. boy i LOVE being a stay at home mommy. being "stuck" inside can get a little crazy after 3 days, but i sure do cherish all of this  "time" i have with my boys.  i think this is a very hard/demanding job because i am tired ALL of the time, but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. i'll NEVER get this time back with my babies. i'll never get to spend this much quality time with them trying to instill Godly values, morals, character, patience, etc into their little minds and hearts. i'm blessed that God chose me to be their mommy and that He has given me the opportunity to be the one that loves on them ALL day long. i love that i'm the one that gets to witness each phase of their childhood years (even the stressful, crazy, meltdown days)! hope you have enjoyed the time off with your babies too!


Mimi said...

Two of the luckiest little boys in the world...what an amazing MOM you are~God must be so pleased~
love you all!

The Dedwylder Family said...

Sounds like our house too. Great idea with the Valentine ornaments. Can I get that recipe?
You are truly a blessed Mommy to have 2 amazing boys but ALSO to be a GREAT stay at home Mommy. That IS truly the HARDEST job ever! I'm not that fortunate enough to be able to stay home but when I get the rare chance to do it I'm exhausted! Don't know how you do it but I can tell your amazing at it!

Misty said...

You are so creative with fun things to do while being STUCK inside! Your boys are precious and blessed to have such a FUN MOMMY!!!