Saturday, February 5, 2011

conversations with court

as we're driving down the road today.....
me: "court, look at that pond. it is frozen solid. do you see it?"
court: "yes, mommy! daddy - it is FROZEN!"
then, we drive past the pond.
court: "where is that pond mommy?"
me: "we drove past it. it is behind us now?"
court: "where mommy?"
me: "we already passed it. we'll see it the next time we drive down that road."
court: "where?"
me: "that pond is behind us. we can't see it anymore."
court: "where?"
court: "where mommy?"
me: "you can't see it. it is BEHIND us."
court: "mommy, what you said?"
me: "court - what did i say?"
court: "you said the pond is behind us."
see - he does actually listen! :)

i look at rhett with an "i don't know what to say anymore" look and he just starts laughing. 
man - i LOVE that court can carry on conversations now, but he WEARS me out! 
this is a daily occurance right now - where? why? what you said? (that's my favorite of court's expressions right now!)


Mimi said...

He is so stinkin' cute...he was just waiting for you to emphasis BEHIND~one more time~
ohhh, his and Beckham's teachers are going to have a challange ahead of them ...just to stay one step ahead of those smart little boys~

Grimes Life said...