Thursday, April 18, 2013

christmas 2012

christmas time is always a whirlwind of activities, traditions, spending time remembering the reason we celebrate christmas, and family time. this year was no different. these pics are in random order but highlight some of our favorite things we did this year. mr elf made his annual visit and brought us all breakfast to start "elf on the shelf". he got into so "trouble" this year hiding in the christmas tree & getting into the boys' underwear drawer just to name a few. 

we also got to watch court and his class in a great christmas program at school. court did so great singing songs about jesus and dressing up as a cute little angel.

 we always have fun at the colleyville christmas holly colly. cade, tay, and aunt missy joined us this year and we bounced in bounce houses, rode ponies, did crafts, decorated cookies, saw santa, rode on a carraige ride and just had a great time!

 saw grapevine's christmas parade with nanny & grandad and it was so much fun!!

 this was the 1st year we had christmas morning just the 4 of us and it was so great to witness the excitement of christmas morning on these two little boys faces. after opening all of our presents, we headed over to mimi & pops to celebrate christmas with the grimes' clan and had even more fun!

 beckham's favorite christmas gift (that he requested) and snuggling with brother.

 we also got to spend time at the gaylord with nanny, grandad, mimi, & pops. we got to explore all of the great chritmas decorations, see ICE, and court & rhett rodes the tubes (beckham had an arm injury & didn't want to ride) but he was better after a little hot chocolate & a snack. 

christmas seems to come and go so quickly each year, but we love seeing this time of year through the eyes of two sweet little boys. celebrating jesus' birthday is the best part of it all!

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